Simple Multi-Trade Solution

BISEM has developed a new Trade: Electrical Envelope Solutions.

After thirty-six months of research and development, including prototypes, full sized UL-rated Mock-ups, and hours of ongoing comprehensive testing, the BISEM design team can now provide a complete BIPV Curtain Wall System. We integrate five diverse trades into a single Simple Multi-Trade Solution for Zero Energy Buildings Envelopes. Our curtain wall products are a cost effective, water tight, energy efficient. If you are building a LEED® Platinum building, we have a wall solution that will generate electricity and reduce, energy costs, and provide 7-10 LEED points.

The BISEM Multi-Trade Solution can be purchased as a “Plans and Specifications” package as well as installed.  This is only applicable to licensed glaziers that have completed BISEM’s advanced certification. If the product is sold as a package, BISEM will provide an expert on curtain wall installation and BIPM DC electrical installation. We will then coordinate installation and the final commissioning of the system.


  • Complete 13340 Specifications
  • Curtain Wall Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Photovoltaic Design
  • Energy Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • BIM Drawings
  • Structural Engineering
  • Photovoltaic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
& Procurement
  • All Fabrication of the Complete System
  • UL Rated Systems
  • Complete Material Procurement
  • All Aluminum Extrusions, Gaskets and Sealants
  • All Photovoltaic Panels and Wiring Harnesses
  • All Inverters required for DC to AC Utility Grid Tie-in
  • All DC Electrical Installation
  • All Photovoltaic and Inverter Installation
  • All Curtain Wall and Glass Installation
  • All Monitoring Requirements
  • All Monitoring Equipment Installation
  • Government Rebates
  • All Final Commissioning of the System