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Category: Sustainable

Zero Energy Curtain Wall: Photovoltaic PV Curtain Wall








BISEM from FocusMaterials generates electricity, ensures world class energy efficiency, and provides exceptional versatility at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our engineers were tasked to develop a system that performed to European standards for energy efficiencey and use American building standards for constructability. The result is a waterproof wall that produces electricity at a competitive price.

The system is easily installed by any qualified glazier in the United States. Clear instructions for structural, waterproof, as well as electrical installation are part of the “Multi-Trade Solution” with this remarkable product.

  1. The system is very versatile. It will accept any photovoltaic panel to generate electricity, and accomodate a 2 1/2″ insulated unit to achieve a U-Value of 0.18.
  2. The UL Approved wiring harness allows for simple cost effective installation and since it is manufactured in the US, the lead times are short.
  3. All systems are tested to AAMA standards and have excellent water and air penetration protection.
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BiPV – BISEM’s Photovoltaic Curtainwall

Mark Borsuk, the developer of the “Energy Harvester” project in Oakland, CA, has the right idea. He plans to build a high-rise residence that meets the highest standards of sustainability and offers a wonderful place for people to live.
His firm’s approach, from the beginning of design, was to create a low energy solution to high density living. Beginning with this initial concept, thoughtful early planning and the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge clean technology, Borsuk will create a building that will be less expensive than conventional buildings.
One example of the cost savings happened during design of the exterior envelope. Installation of a conventional curtain wall is necessary for the prestige of a landmark project. When the curtain wall is upgraded to a cutting-edge photovoltaic technology, the beautiful exterior skin will generate electricity and save over one-million dollars in construction costs. The project qualifies for Federal Tax Incentives that will pay for the photovoltaic portion of the wall in less than twenty-four months. After this initial savings, the walls of the building will generate FREE electricity for decades into the future!
How do we create a Net Zero Nation? Follow the lead of inventive developers and architects like Gensler and Mark Borsuk, and our energy needs will become self-sustaining.

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How can a Photovoltaic Curtain Wall help with Net Zero Energy Buildings?

Photovoltaic Integrated Curtainwall from Focus Materials

Building Integrated-Photovoltaic-BIPV-Curtainwall www.BISEM-USA.com

Publicity, innovation, government intervention…all of these pieces will help us get to Net Zero, but the only true way to achieve our goal of Net Zero Buildings, is for the architectural community to specify a whole system approach to the energy design of a building.
An example is the complete exterior envelope solution that BISEM Inc provides with its family of products. BiPV Curtain Wall, BiPV Dry Screen, BiPV Retrofit, and BiPV Sunscreens can be mixed and matched to develop a complete exterior skin solution that will harvest electricity from the vertical wall of a building. In order to achieve Net Zero, there must be a multi-disciplinary approach. If a system is defined early in the design process, the actual cost of implementation can be very affordable. The perceived high cost of sustainability is based on last minute “Greening” of a building. When the systems are well thought out, the actual costs for the sustainable building can be less.
The exterior skin is a great example of this. A large South facing curtain wall can be done for less if you incorporate the latest photovoltaic technology into conventional envelope technology. The Federal Tax Credits, and MACRS accelerated depreciation will pay for 80% of the cost in the first year, and the remaining 20% of the cost in the second year. After that, the savings multiply due to the energy production of the façade!
There are solutions out there…designers need to do their homework and integrate these solution into their creations.

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