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Archives: July 2012

Net Zero Envelope Imagined:

Guardian Net Zero Envelope Solution

Guardian Adds BISEM-USA to thier Advanced Glazing Technology group

I was at the Guardian Industries STC (Science & Technology Center) last week. This is an elite group of 125 scientists that are devoted to developing the most energy efficient glazing products in the world. Hundreds of pieces of equipment, used to test ideas for improving Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, U-Values, Sound Transmittance, and energy generation in transparent envelopes. They monitor twenty nine glass manufacturing facilities across the globe to insure the highest levels of quality.

I was there, as a representative of BISEM-USA to work on Guardian’s Glaziers Advantage program. The program introduces Guardian’s quality control, and vast array of energy efficient products to key glazing installers around the United States.

Guardian manufactures a vast array of glass products, with high performance coatings. Their highly efficient glass is the key component architects use to design beautiful transparent curtain walls, and at the same time, keep up with energy efficient requirements of modern buildings. The next generation of Advanced Glazing Technology, includes Electrochromic Glass and PVGU (Photovoltaic Glass Units).

Their first channel partner in this new world of Net Zero Envelopes was Pythagoras Solar. Pythagoras has a proprietary transparent photovoltaic panel that is encapsulated into an insulating glass unit…or PVGU! The second channel partner is Soladigm Glass. They manufacture an electrochromic glass product that can tune its SHGC and transparency to match the requirements of a building. Both systems require electrification of the curtainwall. BISEM-USA was chosen as the third channel partner to integrate Low E glass, Pythagoras PVGU, and Soladigm’s electrochromic glass into electrified curtain walls.

BISEM-USA started working on photovoltaic curtain wall solutions in 2007. In 2009, we received UL Approval of our electrified walls. Now, in 2012, we are part of a group of globally significant partners that plan to change the way architects and owners think of the exterior envelope. Together we will define the Net Zero Envelope.

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