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Global BIPV Market for Curtain Wall

BISEM Curtain Wall

BISEM Curtain Wall at Sacramento International Airport-www.BISEM-USA.com

Today the Sacramento Bee reported that the BIPV market will reach $6.4 billion (USD) by mid-decade. We were mentioned in the report as the national leader in photovoltaic curtain wall systems. Check out the article Sac Bee BIPV.

The report estimates that global appetite for BIPV Curtain Wall will grow dramatically through 2020, when the EU will require all new construction to be Net Zero Energy Buildings. Our systems are design to meet that need, and we are excited to be part of this growing trend in America. BISEM has Net Zero Energy Curtain Walls that can make a big difference in the overall sustainable solution for buidling design.

We manufacture cost effective, simple to install solutions that separate us from the rest of the Global Market. Our systems continuously improve through diligent product design and manufacturing excellence.



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