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Archives: January 2012

PV Curtain Walls for Net Zero Buildings


PV Rainscreen in Sacramento, California www.BISEM-USA.com

I just read an article about BIPV products, in BuildGreen.com.  A noted expert commented that the US is not ready for BIPV. Well he is wrong, and there are a lot of people who believe that NOW is the time for a true see change in the way buildings are designed. If standard size photovoltaic panels are used in a BIPV Curtain Wall, a private developer can achieve a 24 month, 100% payback of the photovoltaic premium.

Then, the energy production is free for the next 23 years! I know your local utility will never give you that deal.

Energy prices will rise over the next twenty years, just look at the cost of gasoline. There are very cost effective solutions for introduction of photovoltaic’s into building envelopes. This is one of the first steps in creating a Net Zero Energy Building community.

BISEM Inc has solutions that allow simple integration of photovoltaic panels into any new or existing building for a very reasonable price.

Posted 6 years ago by admin in BiPV Curtain Wall, Net Zero Energy Design, Photovoltaic Curtainwall, Sustainable 230