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Archives: June 2011

BISEM’s BiPV Curtain Wall Presentation

Photovoltaic Curtain Wall Presentation for Los Angeles AIA

Please take a look, and share this with your friends in the construction industry!

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BiPV – BISEM’s Photovoltaic Curtainwall

Mark Borsuk, the developer of the “Energy Harvester” project in Oakland, CA, has the right idea. He plans to build a high-rise residence that meets the highest standards of sustainability and offers a wonderful place for people to live.
His firm’s approach, from the beginning of design, was to create a low energy solution to high density living. Beginning with this initial concept, thoughtful early planning and the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge clean technology, Borsuk will create a building that will be less expensive than conventional buildings.
One example of the cost savings happened during design of the exterior envelope. Installation of a conventional curtain wall is necessary for the prestige of a landmark project. When the curtain wall is upgraded to a cutting-edge photovoltaic technology, the beautiful exterior skin will generate electricity and save over one-million dollars in construction costs. The project qualifies for Federal Tax Incentives that will pay for the photovoltaic portion of the wall in less than twenty-four months. After this initial savings, the walls of the building will generate FREE electricity for decades into the future!
How do we create a Net Zero Nation? Follow the lead of inventive developers and architects like Gensler and Mark Borsuk, and our energy needs will become self-sustaining.

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