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Archives: May 2011

How can a Photovoltaic Curtain Wall help with Net Zero Energy Buildings?

Photovoltaic Integrated Curtainwall from Focus Materials

Building Integrated-Photovoltaic-BIPV-Curtainwall www.BISEM-USA.com

Publicity, innovation, government intervention…all of these pieces will help us get to Net Zero, but the only true way to achieve our goal of Net Zero Buildings, is for the architectural community to specify a whole system approach to the energy design of a building.
An example is the complete exterior envelope solution that BISEM Inc provides with its family of products. BiPV Curtain Wall, BiPV Dry Screen, BiPV Retrofit, and BiPV Sunscreens can be mixed and matched to develop a complete exterior skin solution that will harvest electricity from the vertical wall of a building. In order to achieve Net Zero, there must be a multi-disciplinary approach. If a system is defined early in the design process, the actual cost of implementation can be very affordable. The perceived high cost of sustainability is based on last minute “Greening” of a building. When the systems are well thought out, the actual costs for the sustainable building can be less.
The exterior skin is a great example of this. A large South facing curtain wall can be done for less if you incorporate the latest photovoltaic technology into conventional envelope technology. The Federal Tax Credits, and MACRS accelerated depreciation will pay for 80% of the cost in the first year, and the remaining 20% of the cost in the second year. After that, the savings multiply due to the energy production of the façade!
There are solutions out there…designers need to do their homework and integrate these solution into their creations.

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