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Archives: May 2010

Thank You State of California Assembly, for the green energy dollars!


I had a salesman drop by my office today. He promised that he could change all of the lighting in my warehouse to low energy florescent bulbs and new ballasts for free, and reduce my overall electricity bill by 22%. Since my facility is producing surplus power and the utilities do not pay us for the extra electricity, I doubted his claim.

Wow, I just received the proposal! My municipal utility will pay for 100% of the costs to revise the lighting. I also found out that in California starting in 2011 (AB920) the utilities have to pay consumers market price for any overproduction of electricity in Surplus Energy Buildings!

Great day! Saving energy, No Cost,  and I will actually be making $20,000.00 per year on energy production in 2012!

Posted 8 years ago by admin in BiPV Curtain Wall, Net Zero Energy Design, News 696